Reactions may vary

Do you think me pretentious
Or just inane because I refuse to kneel
After a lifetime on my knees
Praying to a nonexistent God
Or bowed to the will of another
I’ve done my time in Hell

Thank you for not shoving your belief
Down my throat
If I wanted a religious facefuck
I’d google it, so thanks again

If I appear rude
It’s because I am being so
Blame it on the snow in California
Or on social media and what have you
But stop asking me to prey to a dead deity
There is no God.

Maybe once upon a time I could buy it
Now as an adult it could never be
God abandoned me for greener pastures
See ya buhbuye!!  He waved hello
To the age’d averages in Florida
Or blew himself up in space
Who the fuck knows

Zealots and factionists
Come in all shapes and sizes
Even grow in your own backyard,
according to the media mongers,
History speaks volumes if you care to listen
All the religions in the human experience
Started with LOVE
One has to wonder when love became hate



Minus Cover final
Available now

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