The Message

The skulls waver in whispery rattles

Dead snapdragons along the white picket fence, speckled

Dusted here and there with a garish red that could only be real

I can hear her in there struggling, fighting to breath and survive me

I admire her commitment, truly I do

But it’s all in vein, all over the floor…she lays living near the door


And I sit smoking another joint, bloody and naked

In plain sight of the surveillance camera at the gas station across the street

Knowing full well it can see me, I spread my long legs wide

Exposing my intimate place to the world and making good use of my fingers

Stroke myself off slow then fast, bringing a sober and joyless orgasm flooding

A slight breeze in the face of gale winds, euphoria and elevation reached

Legs slam shut, roach stored for later and I sigh


Inside, my lover awaits, bound to a chair

At his feet, as before a King she lays trying as she lays dying

His expression torn between lust and desire arousal evident as he squirms in his bonds

Horrified as I dispatch her quickly and am engulfed in her sticky discharge

It tastes salty and hot, coating my face, dripping thickly down my breasts


In his restraints, he became a beast, roaring in anger and mewling in pain

Groaning around the ballgag I straddle his lap and sink his cock deep

Rocking my hips and scratching my nails across his chest,

It doesn’t take long before he’s ready

Growing larger still as he strains, head thrown back and gag slick with spit

I slice his throat, the skin rolling back, a secondary orgasm he cums blood

Open mouthed, splattering and gurgling


They’ll find him there, till in his chair, still in his throes

Death and pleasure, I left him naked

Her resting at his feet like a sacrificial lamb

His tongue shoved deep in her snatch

His flaccid shrivelled dick in her mouth

Rope removed, a note nailed to his chest

I missed a few times leaving embedded marks

Like the last one




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