It's an awkward situation to be in, sitting bareassed naked on the landing in the middle of the night with my face in my hands. I crept downstairs in silence, exhausted to the point of lunacy now four days into brutal week of mostly sleepless nights. And was morose but fine until I saw that... Continue Reading →


What I really need right now is someone to sit and hear listen to me babble. The herbal life makes things smaller easier to deal with but I really need someone who can love without judgement, hear my words and help me try to make some sense of it of what is stuck in my... Continue Reading →

Insecurity, a common killer The inner criminal element Straight outta serotonin motherfucker None of that dopamine shit neither That nasal whiny bitch's tones Nails across the chalkboard is sweeter It keeps moaning shoulda, woulda, coulda It's an old and tired litany But it drives the point home better than a hammer Because it's not about... Continue Reading →

It's not enough. It's not enough to sit and watch someone else's fingers Plié et pirouette Across the ivory landscapes I want to dance and soar, fly too Never enough ear candy to slake That hunger, the consuming need To sit down and pour notes from my hands They ache for the cool keys Vampires... Continue Reading →

Fire Feel it lick at the edges My skin a fury The internal debate Exquisite pain as I burn BURN Eyes the igniter Surface reflecting a deeper yearning A blowtorch to the chill, the knowing · Cravings intensify, temptation tremors They double, treble Blown apart as they depart None stand before strength Of mind, as... Continue Reading →

A shooting star across the black Make a wish you bid me I close my eyes and say I wish I could ⋅ Stay with you forever in this bed of leaves Under darkened skies The midnight creatures rustling around us Eerie footsteps pass us by While dandelion fluff Floats above my head from the seeds... Continue Reading →

Draped like breathing silk Ivory skin, ivory keys Raven tresses decoration Play me, she whispers Eyes averted, nervous Black Orchid No shrinking violet, she shivers Speak her name Watch her fracture, smile A heady concoction Igneous she burns Your hand, Eruption Detonation: Ground Zero Her eyes · @MelanieMcCurdie2015

The skulls waver in whispery rattles Dead snapdragons along the white picket fence, speckled Dusted here and there with a garish red that could only be real • I can hear her in there struggling, fighting to breath and survive me I admire her commitment, truly I do But it’s all in vein, all over... Continue Reading →

Angel I am not. · It’s just your angle of reflection A momentary human disconnection You caught me in a moment Of unselfconscious distraction Internal sunshine creates   A flexion connection I was lost in internal dissection Of my own imperfections My own swan song tuneless I got lost in introspection · Now think what you... Continue Reading →

Musing • • • Do you really expect me to still be the person I was?  How is that possible? The years change everyone, be a little or a lot everyone changes. As we age we become less naive,harder, cynical even. It wasn't something that we plan on. Certainly it's not something I planned on way back... Continue Reading →

Suave Debonair Such savoir faire I stare enraptured engaged unable to help myself. That's how you like it Your romantic nature belies Steals Softens the suspicion while Your smile cuts like a knife You monster I like it too It's déjà vu Not like meeting My Monster, or the Devil They can't compete or compare. In... Continue Reading →

What a surprise The harridan cries in my eyes In my head, no surprise She despises the air that I breathe Suffering her pitiless pithy phrases Sardonic bitch, her thoughts leave scars Open wounds that fill and shimmer But never bleed, every action replay She hands me the knife She holds my hand while I... Continue Reading →

She knows I've told her the way I feel Time has passed, I've changed, she says And I believe her I can see her as I knew her That happens between decades It happens, sometimes But my feelings haven't changed I'm not what I used to be I've changed for the better No longer battered... Continue Reading →

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