Written Effigies

Take my hand
Show me
Teach me
Teach me about things I’ve never known
Why butterflies have dust on their wings
Or Spontaneous combustion
Or why time flies when you are near
Tell me stories, about magical places
Wide open spaces. No bars or cages
Stories about your world and the people in it
Written effigies of the spoken word
Lie with me in the grass lush and green
And listen to the night birds sing
Their familiar refrain, as the crickets keep time
your hand in mine, the worlds between us far,
Infinite distance, wish on a star, for what cannot be 
I keep you in a heart shaped box, hidden from view,
and too, hidden in plain sight, hidden in shapes and colours,
blood on the blade
Leave you will, you must,  Time holds for no man,
my eyes close, and you are just simply illusion,
not real, delusion.
Pray for Infinite slumber,
respite from the things that bite,
only to awaken again,
pillow damp with unspent words.
All Rights Reserved

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