What it’s about

It’s about the fear

Your mind is not your own

It quibbles and nips at your will

Slowly stealing your fight

Until all that is left is a dream

A place you go when the hitting starts

Unrealistic visions of life without him

Life without menace or malice

Where Love isn’t spelled P-A-I-N Love is Pain Wallpapers-15

It’s about the long brutal silences

They drag, ad infinitum

Anxiety is the name of the game

Eyes travelling for the fiftieth time

Desperately trying to seize on IT

That thing that is causing the quiet

And you begin to pray for the explosion

Something to begin it so it can end


It’s about the secrets

Interrogations and justifications

Desperate apologies, plaintive pleas

No one can know about the

Ribs, bruises, abrasions

Shhhhh. I’m sorry. .

Empty promise, Never again

I love you.

Until the hammer falls again
That’s what it’s about.

It’s about the fear, silence and secrets



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