My footsteps echo in the emptiness of the building, the damp and dank of the salivating concrete walls setting my teeth on edge. I don't know how I got here, where here is, and my blood is coursing through my veins like sludgy rain. I hate being afraid and I am, terrified and for no... Continue Reading →


I won't apologise for what I am, it's not for me to say.  I was made this way, by forces I had no more control of then, than I do now. Then I was innocent.  Benign, I trusted without fear, then; then it changed and I coped as best as I could. Having no mechanism I learned on the... Continue Reading →

I will never cut a slim silhouette Some shadow delicacy on a wall That I leave to the saints or sinners Those with so much tougher an exterior and perhaps more inside Than I possess In a world where stupidity reigns Neck and neck with ego and regret Shattered jigsaw photos dig deeper They are... Continue Reading →

It’s 7 PM. I’ve spent all day cleaning,  scrubbing everything, you can eat off the floor and it sparkles in the ambient light. Candles, covering almost every available space, really.  I’ve cooked his favourite meal. He’s a steak and potatoes kind of man, so it was easy. No dessert. He hates sweets. I’m having salad, with... Continue Reading →

Read Majesty - Metamorphosis My arrival in this place has left me a bit dazed and disoriented, the bright shiny people sparkled in the filtered light, not an unflawed face to be found. Dressed in my best, where once I felt fetching enough to please the eye, I’m now left floundering in a sea of... Continue Reading →

The television mutters in the other room, white noise in the back ground to fill my mind as I fulfil my needs, feed my tendencies.  I find it surprisingly easy to forget my humanity here, in this place.    To let the demon that lives in me breathe, spread her wings and destroy.  The Reaper has... Continue Reading →

From the corner of my eye, a shadow, then solid, Death has come, at last. He hasn’t come for me, instead Brother Reaper has come for other souls, I am only the provider. My sister should be pleased to find him here, and I do like to see her small smile as her eye meets... Continue Reading →

It’s about the fear Your mind is not your own It quibbles and nips at your will Slowly stealing your fight Until all that is left is a dream A place you go when the hitting starts Unrealistic visions of life without him Life without menace or malice Where Love isn’t spelled P-A-I-N  It’s about... Continue Reading →

I miss the soft rain of your voice how it would fall like soothing balm on my rage, dampening it to low embers The laughs over cigarettes quiet snickers Belly laughs until our ribs hurt Silent conversations Grasping at words to Say anything, Struggling and letting it die   The small, quiet talks Hearts weeping... Continue Reading →

Take my hand Show me Teach me ⋅ Teach me about things I’ve never known Why butterflies have dust on their wings Or Spontaneous combustion Or why time flies when you are near Tell me stories, about magical places Wide open spaces. No bars or cages Stories about your world and the people in it Written... Continue Reading →

I find myself sitting on the bench Beside the path, where we used to run and play as children, innocent and free Where we grew love, planted it deep in the soil of our souls,  and pledged forever ⋅ Here, where we folded our vows on yellow lined sheets Stuffed in the cracks of the wood... Continue Reading →

Wooden matches come alive Paper roses weeping Burst into fantastic flame × Just burn it away Throw it away Suffer like I suffer every day × Wood logs in a metal can Doused in lighter fluid A new life to begin × Burn away the I love you’s Burn away the love we made Burn... Continue Reading →

the fever pain in my brain will drive me insane rupture membranes and lacerate my pride if I bother to try so I hide what’s inside when I should be confiding but life is confounding and minds are designed to take pressure sometimes they crack and the noise of the claque knock back shatters fucked up... Continue Reading →

Some of the  poem below was published as a collaboration originally .   As I’m quite partial to the words I chose to rework and rerelease the original   Enjoy Melanie • Because I love you, I whisper through the hole of my hands to where you sit drowning. Drowning in tears of self-pity while attempting... Continue Reading →

Some hate to cry Not dislike or detest No HATE I learned that tears Are not strength I learned that They are a waste Of precious fluid Of emotion easy turned To more creative pursuits They are a typical stereotype If you are a woman You cry at everything The stereotype proves a truth A... Continue Reading →

My mind has too many holes Ladders in stalkings, passion Some sinuous snake slithers Trails ribbons rubbing away traces Crimson cacophony, bells toll Tracks, my eyes run wild searching Round the forgotten corner Down another silent hall Footprints on the dusty floor Handprints mark the rotting wall Signs and signals point the way Apocalyptic memory... Continue Reading →

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