No Sky

I loved you once
I won’t deny it
Damned near idolised you
Certainly, would have bled or died
Stupid youth
It never knows when to
Sit the fuck down and pay attention.
Blah blah I know everything
and you know fuck all

The funny part is that it was true
I did know everything
About nothing
And nothing existed except your eyes
The feel of your arms around me
A steady heartbeat still means safety
That’s what you taught me

What’s the worst part?
It all sucks harder than a ten dollar whore
But the worst thing that I leaned lessons die hard
I’m less open as I grow colder and
I’ve become harder as I get older
Time doesn’t always heal
Lessons often start to decay
before I notice
But even so
If you knocked on my door
I would still welcome in
And welcome you home

imageDMJ Book Cover 2


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