I loved you once I won't deny it Damned near idolised you Certainly, would have bled or died Stupid youth It never knows when to Sit the fuck down and pay attention. Blah blah I know everything and you know fuck all The funny part is that it was true I did know everything About... Continue Reading →


I had left before and went back, was dragged back, lost few days once.  I even woke up back in bed beside that monster one morning in January with a raging fever and no voice to scream with.  But this time when I left, I left with my life and my meagre belongings stuffed into... Continue Reading →

  I throw another log on the fire and watch the sparks fly up into the night air, joining the billion stars above. Standing there, just breathing in the heavy scent of burning flesh and remembering how he screamed. The fire sits in the middle of an empty field surrounded by thick trees. The autumn... Continue Reading →

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