White Flag

I hate I when I’m forced to hurt you
Given no choice to injure  feelings
Just to slam home the few truths
That you otherwise refuse to acknowledge
Like a power-driven ice pick in your heart
Don’t think for a moment it didn’t kill me
Hurt me worse than it did you
Even though my heart fell harder
When your face cracked in realisation
And the sobbing staggered your downturned lips
Don’t think for a second that I’m not shattered
That I’m not dying for the words I uttered
The pain you suffered was a death blow
You just can’t see that I can go no further
I have no fight and little life left in me
I’m just so tired, you see,
Of changing myself to please the world
When all I need is a soft place to fall apart
And to know I matter enough to be heard
Surrounded by strong arms in safety
Instead of the solitary soundproof cage I live in



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