You’ve killed every part
Of my now frigid heart
Once it was full of life
Breathed life into love
It was enough for you to overthrow loyalty
For opportunity
Once upon a time I believed in you
When I was more than simply an automaton
A toy for amusement
A pretty alphabetised garland of letters on a screen
Just a stupid game
Not real, I can’t possibly feel
But I do. And I am.
I’m not just a plaything
My body and mind exist
I may be now nothing more
Than a transparent facsimile
Cellophane. Invisible
A discarded illusion that feeds your fantasy
But each time those emotions flare
Burn. They ache and sting
I want to hate you
The ever pressing desire to cut you out
Be free of the encumbrances
That your existence uses to bind
The ability escapes me.
I cannot do unto you as you have me
And so I suffer heartburn of the soul
And prey each day that fate will quench it
Because I love you still
And would rather die than live knowing
I that I can never be rid of your lies


Cover Created by Tim MillerTHUMBNAIL_IMAGE


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