I’m sorry

I’m human and I don’t want to be these days.
I’m real even though you say different
Much as you deny it
I have feelings. I bleed.
Treatments hurt and I hide it
But I’m sorry if it bothers you
that I needed you

I’m not ugly and  I’m sorry that bothers you too
I’ve offered to change that.
Regret is the worst thing in the world
We hurt each other so often.
I failed you. But I tried.
It wasn’t enough and I’m sorry I’m still here
These days I’m so fucking sorry that
Sometimes it’s hard to keep breathing


 I’m still human and I’m so tired
But I’m still fighting every day
I’m sorry I can’t be more of what you expect
I’m in pain
and no one who hasn’t suffered understands
How you can lay in the dark and think
I’m just too far gone
I don’t think I can anymore.
I’m sorry.


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