I can't help but think of him Even as I close my eyes His face looms in my mind Oh the way they glow His eyes full of every terrible Beautiful form of torture that exists In our crazy fucked up world And I know he would kill me In kindness and in reality In... Continue Reading →


I hate I when I'm forced to hurt you Given no choice to injure  feelings Just to slam home the few truths That you otherwise refuse to acknowledge Like a power-driven ice pick in your heart Don't think for a moment it didn't kill me Hurt me worse than it did you Even though my... Continue Reading →

There is someone who I call Hero I have never explained all my reasons And likely and never will They are my own Suffice it to say that Sometimes a Hero Does nothing except Be the one thing you need Even when you don't know you need it And that makes that person Precious and... Continue Reading →

You've killed every part Of my now frigid heart Once it was full of life Breathed life into love It was enough for you to overthrow loyalty For opportunity Once upon a time I believed in you When I was more than simply an automaton A toy for amusement A pretty alphabetised garland of letters... Continue Reading →

The Freebase Song

It happening again I swear I still feel you It steals away my air I swear I still hate you I want to move forward Your ghost just won't let me · It laughs at me while I SCREAM · I wish you would fuck off (Just get away from me) You smell like death... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

I'm human and I don't want to be these days. I'm real even though you say different Much as you deny it I have feelings. I bleed. Treatments hurt and I hide it But I'm sorry if it bothers you that I needed you · I'm not ugly and  I'm sorry that bothers you too I've offered... Continue Reading →

Majesty – Fiends with Benefits

I'd been creating all day, my fingers flying over the keyboard as the music and the marijuana took me to another place, somewhere I could let go and be myself without worry or judgement. It may have been a fantasy but it was my own and the only true freedom I had from the ever watchful eyes... Continue Reading →


I am aware the sky seems blue Many hands that make up that illusion It is a glass ceiling and the false gods Sound the all clear All is fine Be well Nothing to see here And we believe. But they lie. They built the walls, I simply maintain them Consider me the equivalent of... Continue Reading →


Trapped like a rat Like a monkey in a cage Desperately Seeking Simeon Subliminal messaging insists There has to be a way out Even though there is no door Or window, not even  a tiny crack in floor But keep trying because there must be door The very definition of insanity It's like beating yourself... Continue Reading →


I despise the scrabbling sounds Rats in the walls Demons at the windows Reminding me that I'm never alone There's always somebody here And my skin hurts from smiling And my bones whine At least as much as I do I'd just like to be alone for five minutes without my mask It itches


Every muscle fights to stay together Trembling in the jigsaw jungle Such a terribly beautiful thing to suffer The complete breakdown of Reality’s failings Written in a soul’s last fingerprints Drying like blood on the bathroom wall · Sometimes that’s what letting go feels like You’ve kept it there so long that it’s faded and... Continue Reading →

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