tears are for flowers

You see,
There are all of these thoughts
And dandelion fluff mixed up with
Feelings and stupid things like that
So I end up tongue-tied and twisted
Because I can’t speak,
Not even a peep

It’s all about control
Never letting go for one second
Stay diligent! Stay your post, and
I have
But I’m tired of being an empty bottle
That always has to be filled until
There’s no room left

And so,
I stuff it down, smile some more
Get bent out of shape inside
Because there’s nowhere to run
What else is there to do but hide?

It doesn’t matter.
Reconstruction starts over again
More mortar holes to fix
Crumbling passages make one weak
Tears are for flowers
So stop your crying
Rebuilding walls, filling aches
That maybe, one day,
can just crumble away


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