Nail Living

The nights get cold here, even in July. Cold enough that my bare skin ripples with chill in this little room, and the steel of the chain that binds me to the heavy-duty plate on the wall makes me shiver.  It makes the chain sing and I'm afraid, and the slightest bit angry.  My knees... Continue Reading →



I am dying.  I know it as well as I know the new lines around my eyes and the finer ones around the corners of my mouth.  I know it like the spectre that dogs me every step I take for the past six months, that shadow that won’t go away no matter how bright... Continue Reading →

tears are for flowers

You see, There are all of these thoughts And dandelion fluff mixed up with Feelings and stupid things like that So I end up tongue-tied and twisted Because I can't speak, Not even a peep Understand, It's all about control Never letting go for one second Stay diligent! Stay your post, and I have But... Continue Reading →

Because I love you

The Twisted Path Group

Some of the  poem below was published as a collaboration originally .   As I’m quite partial to the words I chose to rework and rerelease the original   Enjoy


Because I love you, I whisper through the hole of my hands to where you sit drowning. Drowning in tears of self-pity while attempting to run your fingers across the strings of my heart and finding them snapped, rusted and my heart dead and rotted.

You cry out in shock and despair at my disaffected stare, my severing smile and you, you trapped in body inside the that amaroidal hell, trapped in my Hell, the halls in shameful disrepair, so is the flesh that was my heart. And it’s your fault.

All that remains are are faces, names, the souvenirs in jagged-edged photographs. In charred frames that line the condemned and diseased passages; the walls alive with blowflies that shift in…

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Hello, You Are Me by Thomas Duder

Hello, You are me, by Thomas Duder

The Twisted Path Group

Hello, me.

If you are reading this and all is successful, then I have died and you are me, in the future, having acquired this letter and are now reading it because you wish to have access to those memories that I, and you, once had.

You are, indeed, myself. Hurtled through the ages, this note has stayed alive thanks to the works of our friends, our supporters, and those who believe as we believe.

Perhaps it was Reincarnation that brought you back to me, that made you aware that you are me.

Perhaps God gave us another chance and now my soul, which is within you, is once again living on earth.

Perhaps we are an anomaly and death holds no sway over us.

Perhaps we are a monster of some sort, or have become infected with some kind of virus, or were cursed with Immortality.

It matters not…

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