The Prize

The Prize

The Twisted Path Group

The idea seemed perfect and enticing, and in light of the carnage I’d wreaked, absolutely doable. Easily enough for anyone else but not so much for me.  I’d been planning their deaths for a very long time, each detail mapped to perfection and NOTHING could come in the way.

I’ve come to the conclusion of what I had assumed was just yet another prison term. Albeit the solitary was perfection, and the only fly in the ointment were the long afternoons of enforced social activity outdoors.  Perhaps the torture they sought to inflict was to expose my pale flesh to the sun and expose me to the so-called normals.  They didn’t count on instantaneous attraction, or that I would see a rare and opportune moment to step ahead of the game and seize control of the prize for myself by breaking all the rules.

Broken they were. They were shattered in such a pleasurable fashion…

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