Snake with a Human Tail (2014)

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Snake posterIf you needed any proof that the indie horror scene is the future of the genre, you need not look any further than filmmaker Spencer Gray’s short film, SNAKE WITH A HUMAN TAIL. SNAKE may mark Gray’s directorial debut, but you can feel the passion and heart that went into this project. For almost the last two decades Gray has been refining and perfecting his craft through working on commercials and in broadcasting, working in local theater, and by doing special FX work. Judging by SNAKE, Gray has learned an awful lot!! SNAKE WITH A HUMAN TAIL is, in the end, a film about revenge, redemption, and confronting one’s past demons. I’m a little disappointed with IMDb page’s plot summary for this film. That summary gives too many details about the plot … so don’t read that summary until after you’ve seen the short (I won’t be giving anything…

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When I’m afraid

When it's late at night And you lay sleeping Down the hall the kids lay dreaming And I'm awake struggling to breath That's when I'm afraid. · When I'm on my own The house is too quiet All I hear is the sound of my thoughts And the sound of my heart in my ears... Continue Reading →

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