A Little Cut

The Twisted Path Group

cut 2

My finger traced the single tear rolling down your cheek
I brought it to my mouth for a taste…so salty…and smiled
You struggle so relentlessly but there is no way out
You thought you were the most evil being but you were wrong
I am so much more
I kill indiscriminately but once in a while
I come across a creature such as yourself that the world would be so much better without
I could see into your heart…black as pitch
Into your mind…an endless sea of perversion
Everything you did to her, when she did nothing but try to love you
So many years of pain and torture
You let her live, but she will now be scarred forever

cut 5
It’s your turn
Payback is a bitch you know?
How do you like my contraption?
I built it myself
Studied tons of old drawings and descriptions until I think I…

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