déjà vu by Eveline Hood

The Twisted Path Group

She can’t shake the feeling of déjà vu

that keeps sweeping over her,

that itching cold finger tracing her spine as

she shivers

in the heat of the bonfire that had been stoked to a fury.


There, he’s gong to trip over a root and fall on his face.

She’s going to lean over and kiss that really cute guy sitting across from her

as he continues to stare at the bad boy across the way,

she thought

watching it play out before her eyes.


Did that mean he was here too?


She swept her eyes across the crowd of people,

looking for the man who had plagued her dreams

for months

so much so that sleep was something she looked forward to.


No where to be seen,

her breath sighing in her chest in some relief and disappointment.


It wasn’t sleep she craved,


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