Swept Away pt 2 18+



“Are we there yet?” I ask, after what seemed like the longest taxi ride in history. Max laughs, places a kiss on my cheek, and replies, “Almost, love.” A short time later, the car slows and comes to a stop. Max opens the door, takes my hand, and helps me from the back seat. “Can I take the blindfold off n…” Before I can finish my question, I am swept into his arms. “Soon, Sweetie. Soon.” He instructs the driver to leave our bags with the doorman, and carries me inside.

I am placed gently on my feet, and the blindfold is removed from my eyes. We are in an elevator. As Max reaches past me to select our floor, I remember our first elevator ride together, and that first kiss. This brings a smile to my face. It seems like forever ago, although only a few days have passed…

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