Saved By The Monster by Shayla and Courtney Philemon and Mena King

The Twisted Path Group

The following tale was written by the talented daughters of Sister Tactful Temptress. Shayla Philemon as herself, Courtney Philemon as Lily, and Mena King as Chloe. They each took turns, and wrote one line at a time. Hope you all enjoy!!!!
Also starring The Monster.


There was an abandoned cabin in the woods, where a family used to live, and in the cabin were a bunch of old pictures. They contained older generations and newer generations. There were three sisters who found the cabin. Their names were Shayla, Lily, and Chloe. They came across the cabin while walking a trail in the woods. They approached the cabin and tried to look through the windows but that didn’t work. So they tried opening the door. As they touched the door it opened a little, but then slammed shut and locked. They tried to open the window, but when they tried…

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