Lunatic Shufflings

The Twisted Path Group

A Death Maiden – Tortured Soul Collaboration

Lunatic shuffling like screams of the waiting waiting to die taking me high on the vine of their madness

 as they echo in the deserted halls where only the shadows dance eerie minuets on the walls

a crackling delight to the aged encumbrances coming through the sconces, lights that flower and boom


as they whistle in the sun maggots squirming in his eyes a moving stench of watery decay dripping down the face on to the insipid smile as it eat at my mind

trundling in and whispering in forgotten tongues

it capers a damned harlequin with teeth how it gnaws at my thoughts cuts so deep tearing my flesh  no way to stop it but…….. 

take it

relish it

desire it

that nurse so sweet and nubile as she cleans

how she would taste on my tongue

I wish to…

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