Asylum – The End

The Twisted Path Group

*required previous reading Asylum

reaper 8

I have no idea
where I am anymore
It feels like I’ve been here
for years
Although they tell me
it’s only been a month
There is no sense of time
and my head hurts
Once in a while
I remember something
but it disappears quickly
Never long enough
to hold onto
I was in that room
That one
I don’t want to go there again
Just looking at the door
makes me afraid
shaking & crying

reaper 10
I just pissed myself
no one notices
as I just sit there
in a puddle
I can’t seem to focus
Something feels different
Someone else is here
I can’t see him
I feel him nearby
close to me
I don’t want him there
just go away!
It’s almost as if
he’s taunting me
There’s a buzzing in my head
and humming
Is he…

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