With hands clasped to my chest As though in death Upright and walking Holding tight a tiny heart Angel from my Pocket fights Insisting to be let alone Put back in his rightful place as conscience I give you adulation, Angel A pat on the back for a job well done And now I stuff you,  wings... Continue Reading →


3:21 AM Los Angeles time. My eyes fly open as someone, something,  twists the handle of my hotel room door, seeking entry as I lay awake, my heart banging in my chest. A mostly sleepless night has turned my mind to a more macabre place to be than normal. What could be lurking outside my... Continue Reading →

  My ass is wet from sitting on Rain soaked stairs, the carpeting Musty and in need of change Because I'm too fucking lazy To stand as I'm pelted in the eyes With raindrops from heaven That feel like boulders I  ♣ n my elevated state of mind I'm imagining a sun filled destination Where... Continue Reading →

The Miller Killers: Death by Association Los Angeles 2014.  Heinous, brutal and beautifully bloody.  This is the year the horror genre will be slaughtered, all courtesy of the mind of Matt Farnsworth and his murder crew. With Matt at the helm as Captain, and the assembled sickos that have been called forth, film history has been pioneered to... Continue Reading →


The Twisted Path Group

What do I feel when the wetness touches the skin,

The love of the other forbidden sin.

Like the flower that moves slowly as the wind blows

Only a touch away, exquisite pain

The pleasure of the unknown flesh, such delight

Pierce the body with the fleshy blade

Watch it change to a glorious red

Imbibe the deluge,

Taste the blood of life, love’s first kiss

All that we need is here, look not away


Hold me close, take my hand, relish the unknown

It will carry us forward, as your heart beats the music of our captivation

Feeding the ravenous animal that passion becomes

How it devours, breathless in its appetite

Lost only in the distance between our eyes

Unable to feel the fire’s warmth

I am an inferno, consumed as I burn

 HMM_the_twisted_path_group the_twisted_path_group_matt_horwich

The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Currently in Production

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A House In The Clouds by R.M. Duchene

The Twisted Path Group

house in the clouds 2

Hank Anderson could hear them talking around him. They thought that he couldn’t, but he could – every word. The Illness that confined him to a hospital bed left him weak, and the struggle to move or speak had become too unbearable. But his ears – they worked just fine.

All this fighting and squabbling over a simple set of switches, he thought. Stupidity. Even if they left him hooked up to the dammed machines, it would only be a matter of hours, maybe days, until the cancer finally took him. Better to get it over with quick. Besides, he promised to meet Anne, and she’d been waiting for him for over twenty-five years. It was time – time to go to her, to be with her in their house in the clouds. That’s what she had called it, their house in the clouds.


Hank met…

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The Twisted Path Group

Longing 1

Only takes a moment

 A blink of the eye

 A beat of the heart

 Simple push of the button

 Then everything changes

paragraph spacer 2

 Out of the darkness comes light

 With the light, promise of things to come.

With every word shared

 Every good morning and good night

 Hours turn into days, days into weeks.

 The want escalates

 The need grows stronger.

 The desire to touch

 Longing to feel, to taste.

paragraph spacer 2

Aching desire burns bright

 Stronger than any before now

 Powerful, passionate, intense need and desire

 Tingles, chills down the spine.

 Heart races with the flashing of light

 Wings of the butterfly fluttering madly

 Unrelenting, growing by the day.

paragraph spacer 2

Overwhelming desire burns within

 With no means of release, needing that touch.

 However, until it comes

 Happiness remains with that single beacon of light.

longing 6


The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Coming Summer 2014 The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Coming Summer 2014

The Orphan Killer Steelbook is available now! 

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In My Dreams

The Twisted Path Group

wonderland 1

even though

 I have never seen

 Your face

 it is with me

 each night

 in my dreams


through the fog

 I hear Your voice

 softly whispering

 and then

 growling my name

 whisking me away

 to a wonderland

 of ecstasy


I don’t want to wake up

 but there are always

 new treats

 waiting for me

 each day

 making me smile

 fueling my mind

 with unparalleled pleasures

 for dreams

 yet to come

wonderland 2



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Coming Summer 2014 The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Coming Summer 2014

The Orphan Killer Steelbook is available now! 

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The Visitor

The Twisted Path Group

The  sky lights up
The clouds let loose
Rain taps lightly on my roof

Soft pitter patter
Turns to a heavy pour
The wind howls heavily
It wants through my door

Thunder booms
The house shakes
Windows rattle
Could this be my fate?

Something scratches on the door
Is it the Raven?


My pulse quickens
My mouth dries
Are these tears in my eyes?

The door knob shakes
Turning to and fro
Something cries in a loud moan


The thunder claps
Lightening flashes in the sky
The lights go out
In blackness am I

My breathing comes fast
Tears stream down my face
The creak of a door
A shadow silhouette, standing in place.


The thunder claps
Lightening flashes in the sky
This silhouette holds
The reddest of eyes

My feet are like lead
I can not move
The silhouette comes closer
Bringing to me my…

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Saved By The Monster by Shayla and Courtney Philemon and Mena King

The Twisted Path Group

The following tale was written by the talented daughters of Sister Tactful Temptress. Shayla Philemon as herself, Courtney Philemon as Lily, and Mena King as Chloe. They each took turns, and wrote one line at a time. Hope you all enjoy!!!!
Also starring The Monster.


There was an abandoned cabin in the woods, where a family used to live, and in the cabin were a bunch of old pictures. They contained older generations and newer generations. There were three sisters who found the cabin. Their names were Shayla, Lily, and Chloe. They came across the cabin while walking a trail in the woods. They approached the cabin and tried to look through the windows but that didn’t work. So they tried opening the door. As they touched the door it opened a little, but then slammed shut and locked. They tried to open the window, but when they tried…

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Asylum – The End

The Twisted Path Group

*required previous reading Asylum http://wp.me/s4FERj-asylum

reaper 8

I have no idea
where I am anymore
It feels like I’ve been here
for years
Although they tell me
it’s only been a month
There is no sense of time
and my head hurts
Once in a while
I remember something
but it disappears quickly
Never long enough
to hold onto
I was in that room
That one
I don’t want to go there again
Just looking at the door
makes me afraid
shaking & crying

reaper 10
I just pissed myself
no one notices
as I just sit there
in a puddle
I can’t seem to focus
Something feels different
Someone else is here
I can’t see him
I feel him nearby
close to me
I don’t want him there
just go away!
It’s almost as if
he’s taunting me
There’s a buzzing in my head
and humming
Is he…

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The Twisted Path Group

Feel it lick at the edges
My skin a fury
The internal debate
Exquisite pain as I burn
Eyes the igniter
Surface reflecting a deeper yearning
A blowtorch to the chill, the knowing


Cravings intensify, temptation tremors
They double, treble
Blown apart as they depart
 None stand before strength
Of mind, as it faces desire
I weep in its presence
Warm to the touch, it incinerates
It destroys as it adores
Endures, never absent


Heart blackened, iridescent as the raven’s wing,
It joyfully roars, freedom rings
I drift to peaceful, peaceable dreams
Safe in the knowledge
I can overcome,
Even filled with flames
I smoulder as I turn to ash



The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Currently in Production

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Lunatic Shufflings

The Twisted Path Group

A Death Maiden – Tortured Soul Collaboration

Lunatic shuffling like screams of the waiting waiting to die taking me high on the vine of their madness

 as they echo in the deserted halls where only the shadows dance eerie minuets on the walls

a crackling delight to the aged encumbrances coming through the sconces, lights that flower and boom


as they whistle in the sun maggots squirming in his eyes a moving stench of watery decay dripping down the face on to the insipid smile as it eat at my mind

trundling in and whispering in forgotten tongues

it capers a damned harlequin with teeth how it gnaws at my thoughts cuts so deep tearing my flesh  no way to stop it but…….. 

take it

relish it

desire it

that nurse so sweet and nubile as she cleans

how she would taste on my tongue

I wish to…

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