She’d Never Know by @Kleen_Kut_T 18+

The Twisted Path Group

She’d never know how much she meant to him…

He played with the cigarette slowly burning in his mouth, rolling it in his lips and ever so slightly dragging on it as he drifted off into the daydream. It was now a regular occurrence; this had become his daily ritual during her lunch break. Same place, same time, he sat on the bench where he first saw her and waited for the glimpse he would catch as she crossed the street from the law office she worked at to go to the 69th Diner.  Here she would pull up a chair at the counter, grab her coffee and sip as she briefly read the paper and ate a bagel.  When she was done, she’d curtly thank the man and leave as quickly as she came.  The fleeting moments he saw her seemed like she was sweeping  across a ballroom floor…

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