Queen of Hell – Sacrifice

The Twisted Path Group

sacrifice 1

I could feel them…they weren’t far away now. I quietly watched Kieran sleeping and waited. He was not happy with what had transpired above ground. The Dark One had commited two serious transgressions in his search for Prey that would have to be dealt with but not now. The ritual came first. I had lost one child already, so long ago it seems now…I could not bear it if I lost another. The demon had taken so much strength out of her. I still couldn’t understand exactly what was going on but He had tried to explain it to me as best He could. She had been here for many years, grown into a beautiful young woman, but she was still mortal and the spell He put on the vial was wearing thin due to that fact. If the demon escaped he would kill her and she would then wander here forever…

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