Battery by Loki Larson

The Twisted Path Group

Cynical and blind, he doesn’t understand
Why he has to die, or why he’s got to live

Oh, lightning in his eyes, makes him feel
So inadequate, yet better than them all

Fushia, gray, and rust
The only colors that he ever learned to trust

And all the others that he
Hated so much

Violent violet, oh
He despised its touch

He is skipping stones
Rivers of brain matter and

He’s barely bones
Long fingers made for coding

And never doing anything important
In this stupid game

All his friends are dead
All because of his own stupid hands and head

He wants to sleep but
He can’t get to bed

Insomnia’s just another thing on the pile
That can’t be hacked away

His pessimism is cancerous
He doesn’t care much for the vulnerability that

Comes with pity and
Oh, it’s shitty

But that’s just
The way we live


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