Just a Girl

I’m just a girl
Ordinarily by most standards
I cry at commercials and hide my tears
I can name five women prettier than I in an instant
And often revile what I see in the mirror
I stand in the rain, face upturned to rage at the storm
Fists clenched with the thunder inside
And jump in puddles full of rainbows when the storm passes through
I am child, I believe in fairy tales and love at first bite
A romantic at heart, though I try to hide it
I am relentless when I love, passion rules my head, and heart
I am a bitch, with a razor tongue, and claws to match, and I know it
I expect too much, from people and myself, and bite my tongue instead of speaking aloud
I am a mother, my pride knows no bounds, and I will fight like a rabid badger
should anything threaten my young
I am a wife, all things because that’s who I am, and hard to live with
I know that too
I am what I am.
A girl

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