Deal with the Devil

Would you make a deal with the Devil
Knowing how He speaks half-truths

The Twisted Path Group

Would you make a deal with the Devil
Knowing how He speaks half-truths


Would you listen as He spun a fantastic story,
Filled with vague promises and pretty words all designed
In hopes you may crumple your soul like discarded thoughts
Throw it all away for your heart’s desire?


I don’t want to play these foolish games
To listen to attempted,  poisonous dénouements in my darkest time
Desiccated sentiments that mean nothing
They fall like sloughed skin from lips riddled in lies


Belief no more, fallen on deaf ears
 They cannot penetrate my frozen heart


Begone from my sight, Demon, plague  me no more
Once I believed, until your true colours shone




Currently in Production  The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Currently in Production
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood

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Battery by Loki Larson

The Twisted Path Group

Cynical and blind, he doesn’t understand
Why he has to die, or why he’s got to live

Oh, lightning in his eyes, makes him feel
So inadequate, yet better than them all

Fushia, gray, and rust
The only colors that he ever learned to trust

And all the others that he
Hated so much

Violent violet, oh
He despised its touch

He is skipping stones
Rivers of brain matter and

He’s barely bones
Long fingers made for coding

And never doing anything important
In this stupid game

All his friends are dead
All because of his own stupid hands and head

He wants to sleep but
He can’t get to bed

Insomnia’s just another thing on the pile
That can’t be hacked away

His pessimism is cancerous
He doesn’t care much for the vulnerability that

Comes with pity and
Oh, it’s shitty

But that’s just
The way we live


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Queen of Hell – Sacrifice

The Twisted Path Group

sacrifice 1

I could feel them…they weren’t far away now. I quietly watched Kieran sleeping and waited. He was not happy with what had transpired above ground. The Dark One had commited two serious transgressions in his search for Prey that would have to be dealt with but not now. The ritual came first. I had lost one child already, so long ago it seems now…I could not bear it if I lost another. The demon had taken so much strength out of her. I still couldn’t understand exactly what was going on but He had tried to explain it to me as best He could. She had been here for many years, grown into a beautiful young woman, but she was still mortal and the spell He put on the vial was wearing thin due to that fact. If the demon escaped he would kill her and she would then wander here forever…

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She’d Never Know by @Kleen_Kut_T 18+

The Twisted Path Group

She’d never know how much she meant to him…

He played with the cigarette slowly burning in his mouth, rolling it in his lips and ever so slightly dragging on it as he drifted off into the daydream. It was now a regular occurrence; this had become his daily ritual during her lunch break. Same place, same time, he sat on the bench where he first saw her and waited for the glimpse he would catch as she crossed the street from the law office she worked at to go to the 69th Diner.  Here she would pull up a chair at the counter, grab her coffee and sip as she briefly read the paper and ate a bagel.  When she was done, she’d curtly thank the man and leave as quickly as she came.  The fleeting moments he saw her seemed like she was sweeping  across a ballroom floor…

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First Dance

The Twisted Path Group

When you took my hand
You stole my heart
I hope that now
We’ve made a start

By now I’ve told you
How I feel
I hope for you
It’s just as real


That look in your eyes
When we had our first dance
Somehow I knew
We should give forever a chance

You smile at me
With such a light
That the fire in my soul
Now burns twice as bright


I truly don’t know
How it happened so fast
But I know in my heart
These feelings will last

When you kiss me so gently
It ignites a fire
That leaves my soul burning
With aching desire


When you hold me I feel it
So tender yet strong
A touch I have needed
For ever so long

I must leave soon
But no matter time or space
I know in my heart
No one will ever take your place

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Valentine’s Delight by @SexualGent69 18+

The Twisted Path Group

valentines 1

As you and I sit down to eat the meal you have prepared for us on this fine Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but stare at your wonderful figure in the very fitting black dress you are wearing. With the help of the flickering candle in the middle of the table just ever so slightly illuminating the room enough to see your pretty little smile and those very luscious red lips of yours. As we finish our dinner, I volunteer to clean the dishes and put them away as you excuse yourself for a moment.

Just as I finish, you slowly stride into the kitchen wearing only purple lace panties and a matching bra. I’ve never seen anything quite so mesmerizing before. I walk over to you, knowing exactly what you want, and whisper in your ear as I proceed to remove your bra, “You won’t be needing this.” I…

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