Sweet Sacrifice

You say, come, beauty
Holding your hand out with a smile
A reassuring gesture meant to placate, calm
Yet behind your eyes a gleam
Of misadventure, madness
That glitters like a lecherous jewel
Intent on stealing my heart, that frozen wasteland
Not much grows there
I reply to your quizzical stare
As you pull me closer, and finding no resistance whisper
I will be your undoing
As I slice through the tethers
And emotional duct tape
You use to bind yourself together
I will leave you on the floor
Shaking, bleeding from the shards of shattered dreams
Will I remember?
Those wishfully forgotten dreams, that plague me?
I murmur, feeling your teeth graze my flesh
A silvery shiver that leaves me aquiver, trapped in your eyes
Desires flames roar as the fire animal blazes,
The perfect mixture of pleasure and pain
A Sweet sacrifice paid
To destroy one another
In Love’s embrace

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