The Queen of Hell – Maiden’s Wrath

The Twisted Path Group

This creature has awakened the desire to Feed, sending it boiling through my veins like molten iron, his vivid eyes attempting to capture my unnatural blues with his own, a strange smile upon his lips as my glance happens upon his. I am unnerved, drawn to him, and wish to end him where he stands. My Brother’s Scythe presses into my throat, in my mind, the forbidden musings choked down by the thought of the price I would pay for disobeying Death.

The sky has begun to weep as he halts his speech and his movement, taking my hand in his own, his thumb stroking the top with gentle pressure. I allow this, my curiosity in this odd man overpowering my Brother’s voice. The Above seems displeased by this as it opens its floodgates, pelting us with stinging needles. Dark One pulls me into a run, his focus on the…

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