Buried Alive – Introducing Majesty

The Twisted Path Group

From the corner of my eye, a shadow, then solid, Death has come, at last. He hasn’t come for me, instead Brother Reaper has come for other souls, I am only the provider. My sister should be pleased to find him here, and I do like to see her small smile as her eye meets His. She being betrothed to one of the most dangerous beings in all worlds, she understands the difficulties.

He points, the burning hell in from His fingertip enough to drive another, unprepared mind to the brink of insanity, and I glance over my shoulder to find a handsome, light-haired man standing behind me. Turning back to Brother Death, I raise my eyebrow, unsure of what he requires of me. “My name is Casper Johanson. I was procured from my place in the pits to write down your words,” this soft-spoken individual intoned, his voice a…

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