Sweet Sacrifice

You say, come, beauty
Holding your hand out with a smile
A reassuring gesture meant to placate, calm
Yet behind your eyes a gleam
Of misadventure, madness
That glitters like a lecherous jewel
Intent on stealing my heart, that frozen wasteland
Not much grows there
I reply to your quizzical stare
As you pull me closer, and finding no resistance whisper
I will be your undoing
As I slice through the tethers
And emotional duct tape
You use to bind yourself together
I will leave you on the floor
Shaking, bleeding from the shards of shattered dreams
Will I remember?
Those wishfully forgotten dreams, that plague me?
I murmur, feeling your teeth graze my flesh
A silvery shiver that leaves me aquiver, trapped in your eyes
Desires flames roar as the fire animal blazes,
The perfect mixture of pleasure and pain
A Sweet sacrifice paid
To destroy one another
In Love’s embrace
The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Coming Summer 2014

Fade to black

All the romance that can be found, is
In that frozen moment
Sultry summer kisses
Salty with the taste of the ocean
Skin to skin, warm after a blistering day
Warm with desire, breath stealing touches
Suffering pleasures
The ache to be consumed
As the growing darkness
Consumes the last brilliant light from the sky
Midnight velvet, stars are his eyes
As two become one
Fade to black



Paralysed by shyness

round and round
it keeps turning

Plagued with self-doubt


Watchful and cautious

its unnerving

I am in fear



I am not

Malevolant Majesty_edited-1

A Matt Farnsworth Film The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Full Fathom 5 Studios
A Matt Farnsworth Film
The Orphan Killer 2
Bound x Blood
Full Fathom 5 Studios
“The characters Marcus Miller, and Babysister are owned by  Matt Farnsworth”
©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC
Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC All Rights Reserved

Light by Amber McCrea

The Twisted Path Group

 For so long darkness has encompassed me

Drowning out each small ray of light
Causing a daily struggle to even survive
Continuing to search, longing for hope
So day in, day out, I keep moving on.
One day, unexpectedly, a light emerged far down the path
A light so bright, I wanted to run to it.
That single ray that I looked for, for far too long
My heart seemed to grow stronger at the prospects in that light
Day by day, more smiles crossed my lips
This light warmed my heart more than any other ever had
Even with its increasing brightness, there was still something missing
A loneliness, an unexplainable ached that even this light couldn’t curb
Then without warning, another ray of light appeared
Intrigued by its uniqueness, its unquestionable brightness, I moved toward it
With each new day, it intrigues me more…

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No Way Out

The Twisted Path Group

I feel like I’m lost in here
I can’t find the door
No way out
I’m not even sure if I remember
How I got here
This house is so big
It’s like a maze
One room flows into the next
No rhyme or reason
But there’s something else here
Waiting for me
I can feel it
Getting closer
That dark room
The panic hits me
I can’t go in there
Why is it pulling me closer?
Deep rooted fear
Overwhelms me
There’s no way around it
Backing away slowly
I turn to run
I can sense it
Right behind me
I still can’t find the door


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The Queen of Hell – Maiden’s Wrath

The Twisted Path Group

This creature has awakened the desire to Feed, sending it boiling through my veins like molten iron, his vivid eyes attempting to capture my unnatural blues with his own, a strange smile upon his lips as my glance happens upon his. I am unnerved, drawn to him, and wish to end him where he stands. My Brother’s Scythe presses into my throat, in my mind, the forbidden musings choked down by the thought of the price I would pay for disobeying Death.

The sky has begun to weep as he halts his speech and his movement, taking my hand in his own, his thumb stroking the top with gentle pressure. I allow this, my curiosity in this odd man overpowering my Brother’s voice. The Above seems displeased by this as it opens its floodgates, pelting us with stinging needles. Dark One pulls me into a run, his focus on the…

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Buried Alive – Introducing Majesty

The Twisted Path Group

From the corner of my eye, a shadow, then solid, Death has come, at last. He hasn’t come for me, instead Brother Reaper has come for other souls, I am only the provider. My sister should be pleased to find him here, and I do like to see her small smile as her eye meets His. She being betrothed to one of the most dangerous beings in all worlds, she understands the difficulties.

He points, the burning hell in from His fingertip enough to drive another, unprepared mind to the brink of insanity, and I glance over my shoulder to find a handsome, light-haired man standing behind me. Turning back to Brother Death, I raise my eyebrow, unsure of what he requires of me. “My name is Casper Johanson. I was procured from my place in the pits to write down your words,” this soft-spoken individual intoned, his voice a…

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