The Invasion by Davey B

My little man has surprised me yet again….

The Twisted Path Group

Kids are creative. We know this to be true and sometimes its innate. How proud I am to bring you the first tentative steps into the World of Words by my 8 year old, Davey B.  He is constantly creating and even now is planning more stories to tell us as we walk hand in hand along The Twisted Path.  Enjoy

Death Maiden

Once an alien named Zarvok crash landed on Earth in a desert.  The first thing he saw was a phone booth.  He knew how to use it because Zarvok was an inventor.

He called a mechanic, but even HE couldn’t fix his ship.  But Zarvok just needed his tools. It took him more than 10 years just to figure out how to use them and to fix his space shuttle.

While he repaired it, he hummed a song that goes like this…dum dum-dum dum, dum dum…

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