Summoning Justice: The journey begins

Summoning Justice: The journey begins

The Twisted Path Group

She knew this day would come.  Don’t ask how, possibly just women’s intuition, but she had known.  She had known even before she married him that it wouldn’t last.   Why did she do it then?  Good question.  One she doesn’t have an answer for.  He had been a player in high school, playa was how Marie was saying it.  He had made promise after promise that he wasn’t that way anymore.  She knew better.  She had just been been waiting for confirmation, it came today.

Marie had called her while she was at work, frantic, “Gina you just have to be able to meet me after work.  You aren’t going to believe what I heard today.  Please just meet me at Jamesons at 5:30.”  Reluctantly Gina had agreed.  Now she was glad she had.

Jamesons was always crowded but tonight it seemed to be overflowing.  The chatter was deafening…

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