Musings from the Reaction Gallery – Freaks

Musings from the Reaction Gallery – Freaks

The Twisted Path Group

Musings from The Reaction Gallery

Welcome to Musings From The Reaction Gallery.  Put simply, these are my thoughts as I see them in plain speak.  Here we go….. People, as a rule, and as a whole, suck. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, and this no exception, I’m friends with a lot of exceptions, it’s a giant Freaks Like Me Social event around here. But I digress…..


Not it’s to say that it’s everyone’s opinion, its mine own and I stick to it. Life experience has taught me that we are small community but growing. Back in my youth, I was a proud freak, though still hiding in the proverbial closet. It wasn’t as acceptable in my world, at that time, even now. I was in love with Freddy Krueger and he was the bane of my existence and my reason for waking. Something about him plagues me to this day, moreso since meeting…

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