Peaceful Measures

The Twisted Path Group


This is where I found myself
once again my feet on The Path
A dusty rider with no steed
Looking off into the distance
Flowers decorate where love lived
A tombstone marks each place
where love died, etched in stone
Only a date, for loss has no name

We are a lonesome few,
those that dwell in this strange place
The light is different to us,
we who embrace the darkness.
Those that live in the daylight,
they see darkness as overtaking.
They couldn’t be more wrong.
Darkness comes from illumination
it’s the shadows that are cast from it

Ahead lies a future, largely unseen
fraught with darkness or born into the light
one not knows.
Only that the loss weighs heavily and the
Lessons learned turn over and over
in our hands, this way and that
multifaceted gleanings


Dusk comes my way
slowly swaying in her gown
made of…

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