The Twisted Path Group

Author: The Queen of Hell


Softly padding along the jungle floor

Stealthy & quiet

He is on the hunt

Long whiskers twitching

Sunlight breaking through the canopy

Hitting his multicolored coat


He could hear the water

hitting the bank

The river was right ahead

He’d walked far

with her scent in his nostrils

tracking her carefully

He licked his lips

imagining how she would taste

Breaking through the trees

the water was loud

roaring in his ears

He could see her 

on the other side 

Slowly he lowered his head

into the water

taking a long drink

Slinking back into the trees

she had not noticed him

He watched her


She had constructed 

a large contraption

He watched her come & go

out of a large hole in the front

he did not know what it was

but a fire burned before it

He could smell it


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