A Sin-ful Tale

I do what I usually do at this time of day. It’s early, or late if you’re a night owl like me. I sit on the roof of this grand old place, an odd mix of antebellum meets Modern Art. It’s weird, but it’s home. And it suits us, because, to them we are weird. We’re good with it. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, the roof. I sit on the roof, with my XL coffee, Dark as Night, Sweet as Sin is my vice, I can’ t enough of this dark, delicious, nectar……what? Oh sorry, I’m in love you see. Coffee is everything. The roof, I’m getting there, the roof…I sit on the roof, with my lover, and I watch the world turn. It’s a Zen thing, given my line of work, it makes sense.

The Reaper by Alexander Butler
The Reaper by Alexander Butler

Who am I? I’m Death. I know, cool job right? Well, I’m a Reaper. Death is my brother. Total Nerd…shhhhh The Girls, they call me Maiden, sometimes Sister Death, which irks my brother so badly! AHAHAHAHA I love that. Scythe lies beside me, snoring, I really have to trim her stalk, that should help. We met quota today, so I celebrate with Jelly Tots and All Dressed Chips. Of course together! Only a weirdo eats them separately…huh? Oh I’m the weirdo. HA HA. But you’re right.

So I sit on the roof and watch the moon sink lower in the sky, it’s really quite pretty, There’s a small river nearby, I can hear the frogs grinding away, they sort of sound like whiskey soaked hard smoking singers.

Hmmm….So the moons sinks in the sky, and the sun peeks just over the horizon, reminds me of a child cheating at hide-go-seek, slowly rising up to smile in the dark sky. I love sunrises. It’s like rebirth. I know, strange thought for a Reaper, but it feels that way too. Each day is a new slay, new souls to acquire, new playthings for my Sisters. Damn are they insatiable. Especially Sloth. She might look all disinterested but she’s a firecracker. They all have their way, all special, lethal? Yes, every single one. I think its funny.

Envy‘s up. I hear her klickity clacking away on her keyboard. Probably planning out the fun for the day. Or working on the story that won’t die. Sheesh *eye roll* Kill them all already and let’s do something new!! I’m bored. It’s not safe to have bored Reaper around. All kind of shenanigans and means of Hell will be raised. You love it. I see, is that Sloth? Holy Hell, she dragged herself outside. She must be on to something. Someone. No I didn’t say that, stop watching me.

The Grim Reaper
The Grim Reaper

I hear Lust singing in the bathroom. Great acoustics in there. Should be, it’s huge! Our Sister Lust is so lethal. She would be a great Reaper, but my BROTHER has other plans. Of course. Still, it’ll be fun to watch her kick his ass. I might make popcorn. I wonder if we could sell tickets. Note to self, check with Wrath. Speak of the Rage, she’s cussing a blue streak in the kitchen. Wonder who pissed in her cornflakes so early in the day. Oh Gluttony giggle.

She likes to feed. On many things. This morning she is making breakfast, hope there’s bacon. I like bacon. And Coffee. Wrath and Gluttony are hilarious. That argument didn’t last long. Sounds like they have something planned. I sense fireworks, or explosions. Probably explosions. I hope there’s a lot. I like explosions, and Coffee. Bacon.

Avarice is up, and she’s in a rotten mood. That’s not going to be good. She’ll be affecting everyone today, Think I’ll stay up here. Vanity is checking her look in the mirror, brushing her hair back and smiling. It’s kind of funny how they play off each other. I wonder if they realise it. Coffee’s cold. I don’t mind. Like mirror images, together the authorities should be sounding the alarm. Those two are deadly.

The sun is up. Its like someone took every colour ever and painted the sky with it. Mother Nature’s most garish and mind-blowing and  amazing art. Red and orange, yellow and pink, blue, so beautiful. Whatever. Reapers don’t cry. I’ll cut you. That’s better. You can stop laughing now HA HA HA. Okay so Sister of DEATH has her squishy moments. Don’t tell anyone okay?

Matt Farnsworth
Matt Farnsworth

AHAHAHAHAHA Vanity and Gluttony are stalking Matt Farnsworth again. Wait, they all are…He must be spreading the madness already. Hey! I want in! So yeah, that’s the Warren of Weirdoes, The Den of Iniquity. I’m Death, and those seven women in there? They’re the Seven Deadly Sinners. You’ll meet them soon. Good luck.


Death Maiden

Kiss of Death


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The Sequel to the iconic slasher film The Orphan Killer. A Matt Farnsworth Film 
Stars Diane Foster, Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, Nick Principe, and Matt Farnsworth
Music in the trailer by HIRAX

Raw Screenshot from The Orphan Killer 2 Bound x Blood Photo by Matt Farnsworth, Creator Releasing 2015  ©™ Full Fathom 5 Productions LLC

The Orphan Killer Steelbook Blu-Ray is available now Diane Foster on Facebook Matt Farnsworth on Facebook The Orphan Killer  The Orphan Killer on YouTube The Orphan Killer on Twitter  

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