I stepped in Positivity

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Kyle Thompson Photography
Kyle Thompson Photography

So you sit there and watch the world
Sticking yourself behind one way glass
Interacting in relative safety
Locking your heart away
Where I can’t be touched
Pulling away instead of opening up
To what end, I ask you


Love can’t live where it sees no light
There is nothing there, but darkness
But you are wrong, your eyes are closed
Open them and see, the light is there.
Kindness comes to us from the least expected places
A hand reached out from the oddest spaces
We are normally too blind to see


We are still looking for reasons
explanations for our lives

Stop looking! There are infinite reasons

To inspire and be inspired
To feed our minds with wonder
at the smallest things


Raindrops, pearls, on a spiders web
Glistening like jewels in the moonlight

A shooting star, blazing across the velvet night
Make a wish! It’ll come true if you believe it

The simplest act of love can open your eyes
An explosion of knowledge with a glance


We are only human
Our hearts an engine that can be destroyed
over and over again, and still
Fire up every time the key turns

If we stay strong, if we move free
Like the currents flow, it will carry us
To where we are meant to be


Go, then, Start your Journey
May I be by your side, mores the better
Should I not, my heart goes with you
Every step of the way
Let Love lead you on

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death


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