But for the chill


You touched me
your feather like caress raining chill
upon my flesh
I feel the pressure of your fingertips
The cold passing of your palm against my cheek
Gently turning my head, your breath on my neck

I resist, these are not my memories
It’s wrong to watch the life of another
To feel those moments of passion
It feels right, as a deep ache finally fulfilled


I taste the waxy flavour of chapstick
The salt of the sea on your lips
The fading mint of the gum you’d been chewing
I crave, yearn, Your touch is real
As real as the arm around me
Pressed around the small of my back
A hand wrapped in my hair
The teeth at my thoat, biting, gently

I give over to it, surrender my will
Allow it to overtake me
Devouring, it grows claws
its talons puncturing my back
as its hardness invades my body
Pleasure and Pain
Gasping breathless delight
As it’s icy discharge freezes my insides
Warming them
Fading away as if a dream

But for the chill



2 thoughts on “But for the chill

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  1. Wow!! You know I love this…very tasty,very erotic, very sexy…very well done!! ❤

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