The Worry Circle

Deep breath
Brave face
Glue on the mask
There are others to be strong for

A fighter, faced worse than this

It will be what it will be

It’s going to be okay


Keep calm, straighten that tiara
So when…if things get bad
They can fall apart, and not worry

I’m okay

I’m tough, I can handle it

It’s fine, all good, really


I’m scared
What if…
I couldn’t go in
I couldn’t go in…
If something happens…


Sure, I’m strong

Tough, I can handle it


I’m not

I can’t

I’m FINE, All will be well

It’s nothing, a bump in the road

A minor setback

Galen Dara
Galen Dara
It’s not fine
Get up, move around
Walk the worry circle
Pace the floors
Smoke, Smoke again, cry




I’m not
I want to cry and I can’t.
I need to be strong. and I’m not.
I’m hurting and I can’t let it show
Behind the Mask Dark - Woman
Behind the Mask Dark – Woman

Look, I’m smiling

Everything is fine

Feel better soon

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death


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