Blowing bubbles in the dark
Luminescent in the gloaming
Tiny pockets of air
Dancing in the breeze
Playful wind tussling my hair
Frogs and crickets
Creaking and croaking
A singful serenade

I’m at peace
There is nothing but
simple enjoyment
The noise of my daylight hours
Fallen silent in repose
The occasional giggle
Spine tingling and amusing
As one terror lives with abandon
In his dreams
Drifting from the open window

Yes, I smile and it doesn’t hurt
My skin doesn’t ache
My mind isn’t distracted
My heart is free
And it runs with the deer
That feast where I can see them

Jared Smith
Jared Smith

There is no moon
The stars sparkle above my head
Mother Nature’s light show
A Crystal imbued midnight ocean
Lights in the Windows of Heaven

Around me city noises intrude
Like drums in the most
beautiful concerto
Rushing of tires
Snippets of music from an
Open car window
Rocky Mountain High

Ah memories, when we thought
We were invincible
A beer or three and we felt
That we were Heroes
Ten feet tall and bulletproof
Unstoppable. How did we lose that?

Painting by Matt Farnsworth
Painting by Matt Farnsworth

Back when the worst thing was
Homework on Friday night
When our hearts were wild animals
Unable to be caged
Oh they got broken
Shattered, you never do
Get over that first heartbreak
You breathed in, you breathed out
The sun still rose, we survived

We are still heroes
Everyday we touch a life
Light up the darkness
Show someone lost that they were found
We paint our canvases
With ink we draw from our fingertips
Turning words on a blank page
Into a tapestry.
A landscape of infinite possibilities
There are no borders, no boxes
No boundaries. We can do what we want.


Inner peace is a good thing.
The small still voices can be heard
Speaking the heart
And bitchslapping the mind
Always with the same goal
Hoping to find that jewel they covet the most awaiting them

Perhaps it’s a pipedream
I think not, all dreams are worth having
Wishful thinking stops being about I think I can
It becomes I know I can.
I know I can.

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death

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