it’s a knife in the heart
lean in a little closer
twist it a bit
pull up as you pull it out
fray the strings that hold it all together


a little more love
bleeds away with each stabbing
just a little more, hardly hurts at all
only an ache, a small biting
breath stealing
chest seizing
spark that burns as it flays


it doesn’t matter
a few more axeblows to the head
might make it all sink in
might force that switch to finally short out

Luis Royo
Luis Royo

maybe then I can say I don’t care
and actually mean it
maybe then being lost to memory
won’t hurt so much

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death

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4 thoughts on “Maybe

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  1. *sigh* this…”a little more love bleeds away with each stabbing, just a little more, hardly hurts at all” *gulps* Mel, you truly touch my soul with your words. ❤

  2. Tears me apart just feeling that kind of emotional pain. So much more hurtful than the physical. Your gift is that we can feel your words. Exquisite talents you share .

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