The moon is sees all
Full and round as a virgin’s eye
Wide with wonder and innocence
Watching over the meek and strong
All tiny lights in the universe
It calls home

It is a window of the Gods
They who smile in wonder
The warmth of their gaze
The Summer Sun
The skies clouded over their Grief
The rain their Tears


Frog song creaking in the night
An aria of Peace
A salve to my aching mind
Affording the quieter noise
To take precedence
So that I may hear
The beating of my heart
The pulse of my soul
The silent voices that sometimes
Get lost in the din

The whispers of my consciousness
The awareness in myself
Spreads it’s wings
Stretches after awakening
From a long sleep
To speak to me

These Dark Wings by Dausu
These Dark Wings by Dausu

For only in the night
Under the cloak of Darkness
Can I free the monster that lays
Bound and gagged
Forcibly speechless
It’s desire watered down
So that it does not roar
But whimper, softly

I am, we are
Meaningful specks
In the wave of space and time
Our lives barely a flutter
Of a butterfly’s wing


Love, the breath of a million flowers
Sweet and pure
Fragile as spun glass
Stronger than steel
A figment of some
Astral child’s imaginings

The spell is broken
The delicate hush shattered
Pulling me back to reality
Reality is cold
A lost lonely place


Death Maiden

Kiss of Death

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