Inner Landscapes


“It is marvelous to explore the rich inner landscapes of emotions, dreams, ideas, fantasies”

Matt Horwich

We’ve all been there
Left empty handed
After giving your all
Bleeding dry the Well
As you feed another
You are not alone.

It’s a matter of perspective
Hands not empty
But dripping jewels
The Well is not dry
Simply fed from another source
Another spring of the soul


Words of one that brings Positivity
A new view to your eyes
Candles in the window
Illumination to light your Path
All felt deeply in your soul

We collect these meagre inklings
Tiny shining bits that
Sparkle in the gloaming
WE are the Well
The ever flowing River
Limitless in our inspriation
If we know where to look


Within us all we carry
World upon World
Landscapes of every shape and size
We feed it with every glance
Every experience,
Each time we touch a mind
Taste its imaginings
Our well is replenished

Feed well
Read often
Write your life
Every word is a beacon
To one lost in the world
And sings them home

Thank you Matt, for inspiring me.

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