fidus Achates

Friendship Knot By Linda Phelps
Friendship Knot By Linda Phelps

You bring me to tears
The sorrow of a thousand years
wrapped up in a palmful of words
No one else can do that

Surely not as a rule
Do I allow my humanity to show
So openly and with no fear
or regret held in my heart

Unusual practice for one so dark
One who hides it away
Or tries to, lest my Demons roar
Rattle the doors of their prison
Desperate to escape
They do roar, to my own ears


Doors are open wider
Freedom to speak
With no concern of reprisal
Is a gift you know not you give
Not wrapped in a bow, or pretty paper
No window dressing to enhance its allure
Simple and simply complicated
Ebb and flow
The give and take is easy, when it’s allowed to be

Not all can comprehend, understand
The complex nature of kindred souls
It is a connection that fails description
A mind to mind bond
Synapses that fire on the same wavelength
Fuses on the same board
One in the same
Yin and Yang, of a type

Point is that the defenses are down
The walls are crumbling
Trusting that by exposing the softer side,
The Human side
Won’t be cleaved to pieces

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death

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  1. I really love is beautiful! Stirring, truthful, moving!! Bravo sis! Xoxo ❤

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