He Who Sits

Down of the Crow
Down of the Crow

 I am a crow

Ruffling my dusty, rusty
Blackest feathers
Standing apart
Awaiting my turn
To retrieve small bits
Of found treasures
Shiny, gleaned treasures
That I use to line my
Happy place
My trove of musings


A room of shadows
Protected by my Muse
He who sits, silent
In the corner, observing
Dressed in cobwebs
A jacket of disused thoughts
A book yet unwritten
A love yet discovered
A passion unfulfilled

Drifting closer only to
Breath inspiration
Into my ears
Each time I set my
Pen to paper
Fingertips to a keyboard
Draw blood to the knife’s edge
I slay for purpose
For my pleasure
To feed my delight
And please myself


He feeds my desire
This incubus sublime
Infusing the iniquitous sweetness
Into my veins,
Teasing my flesh
Pulling me closer
While pushing away
His kiss full of teeth
That gnash at my soul
Requiring blood in payment
For his attentions
A price I willingly pay
Again and again
Like a disaffected monster
Drawn back to the place
Of her transgressions

I will pay the penalty
With terror and adulation
Open my chest and tear open
The cavity where my darkness hangs
On its stand,
In its reliquary, mists of midnight vapour
Ripple and writhe, twisting in wanton lust
Begging for freedom
It’s euphoniously lugubrious tones
Joyful noise to my heart
Blackened though it appears
Tarnished and unable to love


My Muse, he teaches me
From the pockets of Darkness
Disguised as Light
He takes my hand
Leading me on my Path
His voice full of broken glass
And cigarette singed whiskey
Honeyed notes of His enraptured song
Plunking like bloodied raindrops
Ripples of love and regret
Low words urging me to show
That I can love, and do
As always, in my way
All or nothing
Each time the axe falls
The blade pierces
Is an I love you

I muse because He wills it so
Calls me crow
And sets my feet in the Path again
Straightening His finger
To stir the cranial leavings
Stoking the flames
Enraged and engorged
Retreating again to his place
As my words begin to flow

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death

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