Night Terrors – Ravage     Read Night Terrors by Keeper of the Crimson Quill The day has come full circle to where I found myself the day before, the month, the week, aeons of time. The day is bleeding its final goodbye as the shadows draw their elongated fingers across the ground, reaching to devour each light … Continue reading Night Terrors – Ravage


I stepped in Positivity

Suggested Musical Accompaniment So you sit there and watch the world Sticking yourself behind one way glass Interacting in relative safety Locking your heart away Where I can't be touched Pulling away instead of opening up To what end, I ask you Love can't live where it sees no light There is nothing there, … Continue reading I stepped in Positivity


In my daylight hours I am known as Governess. The monster that lives inside me in her cage, quietly awaiting her time to run amok. She comes out less and less now, left apathetic, but still vicious the core. Should she gain her freedom, many would suffer a most heinous death, for she holds no … Continue reading Merci

Raven and Death Maiden Lessons – Payback

Read Death Maiden and Raven - Lessons  Visit Maleficent Blood Damsel It had been weeks since I had last been out into the world and I was becoming restless. Death Maiden was sleeping, resting up from her last outing, so I decided to go out.  It began as an innocent stroll through the woods that … Continue reading Raven and Death Maiden Lessons – Payback


Blowing bubbles in the dark Luminescent in the gloaming Tiny pockets of air Dancing in the breeze Playful wind tussling my hair Frogs and crickets Creaking and croaking A singful serenade I'm at peace There is nothing but simple enjoyment The noise of my daylight hours Fallen silent in repose The occasional giggle Spine tingling … Continue reading Irenic


it's a knife in the heart lean in a little closer twist it a bit pull up as you pull it out fray the strings that hold it all together a little more love bleeds away with each stabbing just a little more, hardly hurts at all only an ache, a small biting breath stealing … Continue reading Maybe