Love is such a mundane word

You might was well say

The sky is dark
And leave out the lush velvet
Sparking with diamonds
Their sparkle the reflection
From your eyes


How could I say Love
Should it fall from my lips?


As the gentle waters flow

Constant and true

As the song of the whippoorwill

Trills in the silence

As night falls and day fades

Infinite as the dusk

As the wolf howls it’s mournful serenade

Crying its heart to the moon


As blood on the blade

How it sparkles delight

As a warm breath of Spring

Melts the chill of Winters cloak

The fire in the soul

After an eternity of ice

The envelope of flesh

To soothe the tears


The mind that knows yours, each dark and dusty corner

And still chooses to reside there

Perhaps not so mundane
For one word
Can encompass it all

Death Maiden

Kiss of Death
Kiss of Death

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