It hangs in the air

Ghostly wisps that drift

Pulling shapes like magic

In the Chill

Above me the Big Dipper looms

Shining like a beacon

In the Velvet cloth that is

The night sky

There is no moon

No candle in the windows

Of Heaven to call me home

Just me and the stars

The tree branches still naked

Spring has not touched their limbs

They rattle softly, nearly ghastly maracas

Mood music to my ears


In the distance the clickety-clack

Of a train gliding along its metal rails

It’s voice a whistle, lonely in its travels

Announcing its arrival to man and beast

The wind is my companion

It’s bitter breath caressing my cheeks

Running its fingers in my hair

Leaving me starved again

Wishing I could grasp hold of its hand

Let it lead me to new horizons

Show me the world

Let it drip like honey into my eyes

Taste it like the most decadent dessert

Hold it close as a lover

Feed its needs and let it fill me


Just me, alone with my dreams

That burn in my chest and on my tongue

The desire that drives me forward

Just me, alone with my musings

A last cigarette, a last goodbye

A final thought to the day

My impressions

Death Maiden

Rivers of Grue

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